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Home News Latest News Welt Hunger Hilfe & Viva Con Agua, Thank you very much for funding us to improve Water, Hygiene & Sanitation works in Amhara Region!

Welt Hunger Hilfe & Viva Con Agua, Thank you very much for funding us to improve Water, Hygiene & Sanitation works in Amhara Region!

                                                        Welt Hunger Hilfe

Guests visited ORDA John’s Rig WaSH Project  

(22 January 2019 Bahir Dar, Ethiopia)


Guests from Viva Cone Agua, Welt Hunger Hilfe & high profile artists & dancers group from Bon, Germany visited ORDA-John’s Rig WaSH project from 19 -21 January 2019.

A group of celebrities including donors, artists, dancers & musicians visited safe water schemes and ventilated pit latrine facilities in Debre Elias & Machakel woredas of East Gojjam Zone.

The ultimate objective of the visit was for a fund raising purpose to aid the construction of WASH facilities for the community living under worse situation particularly for people living under conditions of severe water scarcity.

                                                   Welt Hunger Hilfe2

According to the baseline survey, 55.6 % of the population gets water from unprotected sources such as rivers, streams, ponds and 63 % have access to latrines of varied standards. Problems related to poor sanitation worsen for women & children in rural areas where there are no household toilets. Similarly, hand washing practice of the target community at five critical hand washing time is rated as 3.8%. Their habit of washing clothes and practice of personal hygiene is also poor (only 30-50% of the target community exercises washing their hair, body and clothes within a week.)

ORDA John’s Rig WASH Project is being implemented with a total cost of € 8.8 million (280 million Birr) to benefit 280 thousand people including children & women in five selected districts to improve water supply and sanitation coverage.

Since May 2016, the project has developed deep and shallow wells, ventilated improved pit latrine (VIPL), large spring development (LSPD) and sanitation facilities which has a great impact on improving the lives of rural people.

                                                   Welt Hunger Hilfe1

Visitors were happy for visiting Amare Yewebish large spring development which is now fully functional serving for over 1,900 people (931 female) constructed at a total cost of 2.8 million birr (community contributed 196,217 birr.) Water is pumped out & distributed to the community, schools & health posts for Amare Yewebish village.

W/ro Abebu Simachew, a resident in the area, has two children. She used to go long distance fetching water from unprotected river. W/ro Abebu exclaimed “I’m grateful to ORDA & funding donors who brought us safe water for our family. We have saved our time & labor traveling far.”

Guests also visited Yeguarat primary school. The school is fully fledged with WaSH facilities (a hand dug well & two VIPL blocks that serve boys, girls & teachers.) Currently, the project has benefited a total of 9,900 (5,049 female) people.

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