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                                          Executive Director’s Message


It is an honor and privilege to address my message to our esteemed website visitors. For more than 35 years, the Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA) has dedicated itself to tackling the root causes of poverty and communities vulnerability to human made and natural disasters through undertaking integrated sustainable livelihood transformation and environmental protection interventions. 

Currently, at end of 2018, ORDA has been implementing integrated sustainable livelihood development programs in 32 projects which are donated by 24 donors in 53 woredas. Including the Joint Emergency Operation Program (JEOP) supported by Government of Ethiopia, running in 55 Woredas, ORDA’s distinct intervention Woredas reachedto 89 in 2018 operational year- to address the economic and social problems of more than 1.45 million people.

ORDA has four pillar programs coined as Natural resource; Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) and Irrigation; Food security & Agriculture; and Youth employment generation programs. Also, the programs critically mainstreams cross cutting themes (Gender, HIV/AIDS, DRR, CCA, etc). The major undertakings of the four programming tracks included integrated watershed management, afforestation, biodiversity conservation, alternative energy sources, clean water supply and sanitation & hygiene, small scale irrigation, field crops and livestock productivity improvement, horticulture development, value chain & market development, on-farm and non/off-farm income generating activities, nutrition and  introducing/disseminating appropriate productive technologies to smallholder farmers.

ORDA has achieved remarkable results for the past 35 years by applying appropriate strategic planning to accomplish the three strategic themes:achieve climate smart sustainable livelihood; strategic partnership; and operational excellence.

The first strategic theme is ambitious, and it reflects the tremendous progress we have made over the last 22 years, where ORDA made a paradigm shift from relief assistance to development interventions. Natural resource development being ORDA’s traditional engagement, it contributed 4% of the plantation forest coverage of the region. Hence, ORDA received the First class National Green Award in 2007 for the excellence performance it had made.

It built 5,491potable water schemes and addressed clean water for 2,421,424 peoples in the region till 2018. Contributed 11.46%of potable water supply coverage in the region, also it received the National Award in 2009; it has also constructed over 236 irrigation schemes which irrigates 13,068 ha of and benefits about 51,703 HH , and contributed to 16.4%of the modern irrigation area coverage in the region and to the promotion of climate resilient agriculture. The food security and agriculture development program introduced and improved crop, horticulture and livestock species, marketing and income generating activities’ , currently addressing half a million people, which accounts for 20% of the 2.5 million food insecure population of the region. Through the mechanism of on/non/off – farm activitiesORDA has created a job opportunity for 12,113 (5624 Female) youths and earned Birr 53,734,609 by the year 2018.

The second goal - Strategic Partnership – focuses on sustainable resource mobilization and utilization. In this regard in 2018 ORDA collects 397.4 million birr from donors, and itis working with 24 donorsand implementing 32 various projects in 53woredas.

The third strategic theme – operational excellence – is all about system development and application. Accordingly, a well-structured organizational capacity assessment is done. Issues related to the organizational structure, policies, systems, & processes that support the organization are identified; specific capacity building action plan is developed and it’s being under implementation.

Our dream is “to see a prosperous society in Amhara region”. While achieving this vision through development work is a complex undertaking, two things are essential. First, we must insure program quality i.e. we have to make sure that, whether the solution is equal to the challenge. In other words, do we understand the problem and does our answer solve it? Whether someone, either in or outside ORDA, has found ways to deliver the solution? If so, can we capture it, apply it, and scale it up in other contexts? Our practice should focus on answering these critical questions. Second, efficient resource utilization; cooperation with government stakeholders at all levels; empowering the community; and demonstration of accountability are equally important to promote development.

ORDA is now fully engaged in fighting poverty and preventing its impacts. Indeed, we aspire to live this value every day in our own work place be it at HQs or projects. I am proud of the organization’s commitment to make objective differences in development through collaboration. We can never be satisfied so long as poverty is defeated in the country.

I, therefore, would like to take this opportunity to thank our development partners for their funding and request them to continue their unreserved support to the people of Amhara through ORDA, to our government stakeholders, to appreciate the deep commitment of ORDA to support the regional effort so that we can boost our shared responsibility by conserving our natural resources, providing all with access to water (both for drinking and irrigation), increase agricultural production and productivity and creating jobs. By doing so, we will grow our collective wealth and nurture humanity. And proudly to my colleagues, fellow ORDA staffs please embrace our mission. Help your generation the generation that ends extreme poverty and reduces inequality all over the region. Together, it is possible to bend the arc of history towards ending poverty.

I thank you very much and wish you a future of bright & PROSPERITY for Amhara region & Ethiopian as a whole.

Last Updated (Thursday, 14 March 2019 11:24)

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